Welcome to L’arrivée d’ Sylvia Kristel

This page originally started out life as a MySpace pictorial tribute to Sylvia Kristel, one of the most underrated figures in modern French and international cinema. I have grown tired of MySpace’s slow loading speeds and other problems with spam and so forth so I have decided to move the page here. I will be using this space to transfer the many images of Sylvia I have collected over the years as well as posting the occasional article. It will be slow going as I mostly blog at my main site, Moon in the Gutter, as well as my other side projects that are linked there.
Please keep in mind that this site will be a respectful tribute to Sylvia and her career. Inappropriate comments will not be added and more than anything else I hope to host a sincere celebration of a really intriguing and undervalued career.



  1. Keith · February 9, 2009

    I look forward to checking this out. I’m adding it to the blog links of both my blogs.


  2. Jeremy Richey · February 10, 2009

    Thanks Keith, I will slowly but surely get all of my photos and clippings of Sylvia transferred over to here. It should be a lot nicer tahn the old MySpace page.


  3. Will Errickson · February 16, 2009

    *Another* blog?! Awesome. I simply cannot get enough Sylvia!


  4. Jeremy Richey · February 16, 2009

    Thanks Will, You should really dig this spot then. I’ve got some great images I am going to be posting, and I am looking forward to having them all organized and together.


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