Sylvia Kristel in Color

Another rare image from a rare Japanese Photo book I have dedicated to Sylvia. I don’t believe this has ever appeared online before so enjoy…



  1. Johnny Stanwyck · October 1, 2009

    Stunning and radiant! Thanks for posting so many gorgeous images of Sylvia! I found your blog by accident while researching an article on the Emmanuelle series (with a future article on Black Emanuelle) for my blog This is a great blog you've put together, I'm proud to now be a follower! My Emmanuelle article will be up by the end of the weekend, and I'll put in a link to your blog if you don't mind.


  2. Jeremy Richey · October 22, 2009

    Thanks so much for the nice words. My apologies for the delay in responding. I look forward to your article and I hope you keep enjoying the page.


  3. Will Errickson · November 18, 2009

    This pic is too glorious for words! For my birthday the other day my girlfriend got me the 3-DVD EMMANUELLE box set (bootleg). Amazing. I plan on doing some kind of write-up about it soon, particularly the usually- elusive third film.


  4. Jeremy Richey · December 2, 2009

    Thanks Will. That box set is amazing and can I just say that your girlfriend sounds as cool as hell!


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