Sylvia Kristel in Color



  1. she is for me a style icone, I'm so glad to have discovered this blog, and thank you for put together so many document and foto of she,

    ps: have you seen the new cover of vogue france of march 2011?
    I tought at the forst look she is, than I eas very sad because I don't find any words that said that the foto of cover and of a shooting inside the magazin are sure inspired from emanuelle…

    beautifull blog is this


  2. Jeremy Richey · March 20, 2011

    Thank you so much for the great comments! I really appreciate it and I love hearing from other fans of Sylvia. I hope you keep enjoying my tribute to her (I will eventually be writing more articles on her films and offering up lots of screenshots) and I will search out that French Vogue. Thanks again!


  3. I Thank you, I'm really happy about discovered you,

    see you


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