Sylvia Kristel in Robbe-Grillet’s Playing With Fire (1975)

I have just posted a fairly lengthy post over at Moon in the Gutter on Alain Robbe-Grillet’s startling 1975 production Playing With Fire. Sylvia Kristel fans will want to take note of the film as she appears in the film. Here are a few stills I captured for fans here. Enjoy and here is a quote from Sylvia from Nue regarding the film:

“Robbe-Grillet is quite a character, erudite and with hair like a mad professor’s. My first scene in Playing With Fire is disturbing and sadomasochistic: my hands are bound, my skirt is torn and I have been whipped. I am reassured only by the kindness and skills of my fellow actors, Jean Louis Trintignant and Philippe Noiret! We became friends for the duration. Playing With Fire…that could be the title of my life story.”


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