Sylvia Kristel in Chabrol’s ALICE


Sylvia Kristel on Claude Chabrol

The legendary Claude Chabrol, the filmmaker who gave Sylvia one of her greatest roles as the title-character in Alice, has sadly passed away. Here is a small portion of what Sylvia had to say about the great director in her remarkable book Undressing Emmanuelle (Nue):

“Chabrol is funny, greedy, attentive, filthy and shrewd. He appreciates refinement as much as coarseness…I met subtle, complex, gifted, multifaceted people who enchanted me. I had the good fortune of rubbing shoulders with real talent. I learned my craft from them, on-set, observing humbly and minutely.”

And on Alice:

Alice reminds me of Emmanuelle in Wonderland…It is Alice’s death that Claude Chabrol offers me. A strange, surreal tale, an exploration of the journey into death, of the mysterious moment that proceeds it. So once more I am an inspiration for death…perhaps desire and death are related. Is desire so unbearable that we wish to see it dead?”