Francis Lai has been interviewed for my upcoming book on Sylvia Kristel!

When I first started work on my book about Sylvia Kristel last year one of my main dreams was to interview the legendary Oscar winning composer Francis Lai about his memories of working with Sylvia on his mind-blowing EMMANUELLE 2 soundtrack, so I am bubbling over with euphoria because this dream has become a reality. My extremely valued ART DECADES contributor Marcelline Block has conducted a lengthy phone interview with Francis about his memories of recording that landmark soundtrack, his time with Sylvia in the studio and at Cannes. To my knowledge this is the first time Francis has discussed in detail his memories of working with Sylvia on one of the most mesmerizing theme songs of the seventies. This interview would not have been possible without the incredibly gracious Mr. Lai and his unbelievably kind wife Dagmar and, of course, Marcelline.

Sylvia Kristel in the Seventies: Book Update

I’ve just recently completed the first major interview for my book on Sylvia Kristel via an email Q&A with the charming and kind actor, director and writer Noel Simsolo, an artist who knew and worked with Sylvia in the seventies. A frequent Chabrol collaborator who has worked with everyone from Robbe-Grillet to Borowczyk, Simsolo was kind enough to share some detailed memories of knowing and working with Sylvia and it was such and honor getting to communicate with him. Particularly informative and poignant are his memories of Sylvia working with Chabrol on ALICE. This was a real pleasure and special thanks to Daniel Bird for helping arrange it.




Sylvia Kristel Book Preview
I am happy to announce that I have begun working on my first book, which I am going to try and have ready to publish by Christmas of next year. Tentatively titled SYLVIA KRISTEL: FROM EMMANUELLE TO CHABROL, this book will focus on the European film career of Sylvia Kristel from 1973 to 1979. The book will extensively cover each movie Kristel made in Europe, with particular attention being paid to the striking series of films she made with some of the world’s greatest filmmakers, including Walerian Borowczyk and Claude Chabrol, before an ill-fated move to Hollywood all but ruined her career. I will be drawing on years of research I have already done and the book will include some of my large personal archive of promotional materials I have collected. The book will also include interviews with some of the artists that worked with Kristel in this period and I am going to try and visit her home in Utrecht before its publication. Official pages will be set up soon to track the book’s progress and some exclusive content is being prepared for ART DECADES as well. -Jeremy Richey-